Toby’s Victory Voyage by Kevin Boon


Toby Robinson never forgot his experiences as a cabin boy aboard HMS Endeavour, when he sailed with James Cook on his great voyage of discovery.

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He also never forgot the tragic loss of so many of his friends, due to diseases they caught when visiting Batavia on their way home. He vowed never to go to sea again and settled to the quiet life as a local doctor.

Things changed dramatically when he is unexpectedly invited to sign on as chief surgeon aboard HMS Victory. Saddened by the loss of his wife and attracted by the opportunity to serve under his hero, Admiral Horatio Nelson, he signs on. He discovers life aboard the great warship is quite different to that aboard the tiny Endeavour, but assisted by his medical team he copes well, until he meets tragedy and triumph at Trafalgar, the world’s most costly naval battle.


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