Lost in Summer Storms by Mary-Catherine Downes

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From the time they met, Jeremy and Elena knew they were meant to be together. Every summer their families went to the bay for their holidays, and each year brought them closer.

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As they leave childhood behind, they start discovering who they are as teenagers and what they want from their adult life.
The transition years are turbulent, but with faith and love, they and their friends, Margaret and Roland, find  way to help each other overcome trials and tests in their lives.
That is, until tragedy strikes.
Elena runs, she cannot trust anyone, betrayal and guilt consume her until she finds the courage to return to the bay. Lost in her own misery, it takes an act of desperation to make her realised what she needs to do.
A novella about growing up and becoming an adult, covering over four decades, in a small community set one of the beautiful bays in the south-east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

1 review for Lost in Summer Storms by Mary-Catherine Downes

  1. Carolyn

    An entertaining quick read as we follow two children as they grow up, learning and experiencing what the world holds for them.
    Reminiscent of simpler times, of childhood and summer holidays.
    The characters feel like people I’ve known for years, as we are with them in their family life, through painful trials, teenage angst, fun times, love and loss. Recommended.

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