We the Ones by Julie Helean


Struggling with their own disparate agendas, members of a dysfunctional yet fervent anti-racism cell embark on an earnest quest to disrupt the celebrations planned for the 150-year anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi.

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We the Ones follows a young lesbian’s chaotic journey as a member of the quintessentially 80s activist group.  As the 150-year anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi draws near, Charlie – disgruntled with her anti-racism group’s endless meetings, leadership squabbles and debates over rhetoric – joins her Maori flatmate Kat on a reckless journey to sabotage the 1990 Treaty celebrations and the Queen’s visit. With growing disregard to consequences, the pair commits to do whatever it takes to have the Treaty honoured and the Maori flag flying at Waitangi.

Award winning author Julie Helean brings us an activist group where members are passionate but deeply divided on how to achieve their plans. The story, set in Auckland New Zealand, takes us through the politically charged landscapes of the 1980s – the LGBTI movement, feminism, and Maori rights activism.


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