Out of the Ashes by Vanessa Evetts

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What would you do if you lost everyone you loved overnight? How do you keep living when everything in you is screaming out in pain?

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GRACE KINGSTON had it all.
A passionate marriage, two gorgeous children and a career she loved until they were ripped from her life in a hit and run. Thrust into a life she didn’t choose, she battles under the weight of her grief, and the conflicting desire to honour their memory. When she finds a handwritten bucket list in her son’s bedroom, she sells everything she owns and takes off on a quest that transforms her.
Conquering some of her greatest fears and insecurities, across three continents, Grace is faced with a decision. Does she keep living her life in survival mode, clinging to the memory of her husband and children, or does she release them from her tight grasp and build a new life without them?
What will it take to claim a life, filled to the brim with the passion and joy she desires? This raw, breathtaking story delves into the darkest places of grief and reveals the beauty that rises out of the ashes.

“Vanessa Evetts takes readers on a moving, hopeful, and deeply affecting journey into the world of life after tragedy. You will laugh, you will cry, and I guarantee that after it’s over, you’ll think about this book for days. A brilliant debut.” REBECCA ADDISON, Author of Still Waters & The Ohana Tree

“Ms Evetts writes with honesty, passion, and raw emotion, to create poignant stories of love, loss, and life. Phenomenal, empowering, and heartbreakingly real, these are books that will inspire and uplift women everywhere.” HEIDI FARRELLY, Bestselling Author

2 reviews for Out of the Ashes by Vanessa Evetts

  1. Stacey Broadbent

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like this before. The utter grief and despair Grace suffered at the death of her family was so heartbreaking, but I loved following her journey to reclaim her life and overcome the pain she’d endured.

    Right from the first lines, you can feel her agony. You’re pulled into her torment with her. It’s raw and savage, and oh so real.

    And then slowly, one step at a time, her healing begins and she embarks on an adventure following a bucket list of sorts; one created with her family. With every new place she visits and each new adventure, she begins to come to terms with her grief and is able to find peace.

    It’s a roller coaster journey of emotions, and one I would recommend.

  2. claire

    roller coaster ride – gut wrenching and yet inspiring at the same time

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