Seventeen Seas by Bronwyn Elsmore


Seventeen Seas follows a voyage through ten countries, fifteen ports, across seventeen seas, for forty-six days. Stories of the journey itself and the multiple destinations are told through the viewpoint of a variety of characters.

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Is there really a stowaway in one of the lifeboats? And what’s the truth about Germans and deckchairs? On a cruise ship full of passengers from different countries there’s bound to be plenty of fun.

“Seventeen Seas is a travel-book with a difference.”
Excerpts –
– In such a closed community rumours are bound to spread. And they did.
– The ship’s sister was now visible from the bridge – every square foot of the promenade was occupied.
– The acknowledged heavyweights led the wave that swept through the stores in the Ocean Terminal out into Canton Road, then surged down Peking Road towards Nathan Road.
– Step after step, eyes fixed rigidly on the end of each span, Ngaio moved on.
– “You like gods? Pictures of Indian gods,” said a pair of boys working in tandem. “Elephant-head god, monkey god, god with six arms…”
– Yvonne thought of Eduardo and the woman who was prepared to travel in a train for a total of twelve hundred kilometers to see him for a few hours.
– Once again Lynn heard that it was the Germans who were monopolising all the deck-chairs. In her forays around deck, however, she had noted a decided lack of anything she recognized as a Teutonic accent.
– Dick wondered if a fleet of speedboats under orders from a Somali warlord was heading towards them at that very moment.
– All the bodies stretched out on display showed no regard for the local dress code – men sported briefs that didn’t stretch to warrant even that name; the women’s bikini bottoms couldn’t be smaller and the tops were often non-existent.
– If there were gods like this right on hand among the reeds of the Nile, why had Cleopatra lusted after the Romans?
– With the Greek pantheon including its own Goddess of Dawn, the arrival at their shore of a Roman rival was bound to cause offence.
– Jovial Joe, passing through the lounge area on the lookout for last-day opportunities to cross off another joke from his list, saw his opportunity.



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