What’s In A Name? by Heather Holmes


A fun filled tale for the 21st Century and guaranteed to put a smile on your face! A book for the poolside, the beach or a rainy afternoon.

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Single and twenty-something Prudence Miller is living a boring, humdrum life as a mildly inefficient tax clerk for the Inland Revenue when fate throws her a curved ball.
One morning on her way to work, in a case of mistaken identity, she is given a small box, a false passport and a first class ticket to the sun. Rather than report this to the authorities, she packs a bag and sets off to the airport. A decision that takes her on a roller coaster adventure ride with Lady Luck firmly by her side.
Pursued by the British Secret Service and the Mafia, watched by the KGB, and in the company of her four sisters, Prudence’s helter-skelter exploits take her to a side of life she’d only ever dreamed of.


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