In Arthur’s Footsteps by Maureen Green


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Rowland Thomas Knight, known as Thomas by family and friends – was the seventh son of a seventh son, whose lineage stretched back to the day of King Arthur Pendragon. Exploring in Somerset with his father, he climbs to Cadbury Castle, legendary home of King Arthur’s Camelot.

…He could sense it; he could almost taste it. The hill was bare and bleak, its barren slopes riddled with holes, like a pock-marked face. Thomas became aware of a dull ache behind his eyes and screwed them shut trying to blank it out.

“I really don’t like the look of this place,” he said when his father turned off the road and onto an access track. The strangely apprehensive feeling increased; the hair on the back of his neck bristled; his mouth was dry; and he felt an adrenaline surge and the chill that followed it. I don’t like this place. It has a weird feel – something I can’t really put into words, thought Thomas, who was growing more and more uneasy.

He didn’t exactly know why, but this definitely wasn’t a place he wanted to explore. His feeling of foreboding was growing stronger. Don’t spoil things, his mind prompted; Dad doesn’t have to know I’m spooked…

Thomas finds his own place in the centuries-long struggle between good and evil.


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