Liquidambar by Chris Bell

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It’s as if Philip Marlowe has stumbled down the Lost Highway into Gormenghast, hunting for The Girl With The Pearl Earring

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Typo Blod, a reluctant investigator, is dragged into the world of Edward Hopper’s paintings where he’s compelled to solve the disappearance of beautiful Ellen Bogen.

When journalist Typo Blod encounters a stranger on public transport, he becomes absorbed by Edward Hopper’s paintings like a fly in amber.

Time halts at the instant depicted in Hopper’s most famous works and Blod’s world is thrown out of kilter. In a city tantalisingly part historical, part fantastical, Blod falls in love with Ellen Bogen, subject of Hopper’s Summertime.

As Blod struggles to persuade a magazine editor to commission some articles from him, he encounters the homeless C.O. Jones begging on a commuter train. Jones claims to be trapped in a “vicious circle” and shows Blod a book that causes Blod to slip through a crack in reality and find himself driving along a road nothing to do with the city in which he lives.

A gas station attendant fills his car’s tank with “liquid amber”, and directs him towards Fulcrum. Here, Jones re-appears to provoke Blod with questions about distant memories.

Blod’s answers propel him along a bizarre storyline. By its culmination, Blod realises his experiences have taught him to better appreciate the “liquidamber” of the present moment.


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