The Chameleon Shop (Book One) by Teresa Schulz


The shop is called the Chameleon Shop for a good reason … would you care to find out?

Enchanting and memorable characters in a mythical landscape having exciting adventures, told with a different twist on the usual fairy tales and fantasies.

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This book is for lovers of fairy tales …

Kaylee Browne discovered a magic key in a new bookstore in town.

The key takes her to the faraway lands of The Five Realms, where she begins a quest to find the maker of the key so she can learn how to get home… then to her surprise, a completely new quest to save someone very dear to her. Along the way, she encounters fairies, giant cats, flying horses, a castle, a witch and many other magical creatures including a dragon.

For those who enjoyed Inkheart or Willow.

Suitable for 7 – 13 years.


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