The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers by Michele Clark McConnochie (Strange Sagas 2) (Large Print)


The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers Book 2

Sabrina Summers returns to Dralfynia, and she’s not happy! This time, she finds that she’s Prince Charming, a boy, and her life is in danger, again. Follow her and her friends and brother on the quest to find the most uncomfortable glass slippers ever and maybe, do something to make a difference to the people in Dralfynia.

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Sabrina Summer’s is a quick-thinking, courageous 12-year old, who, for the second time, finds herself snatched away into the kingdom of Dralfynia.

This time, she assumes the appearance of Prince Charming, and her companions are Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty and Baby Bear. Their mission, is to find the glass slippers, to keep Ruggy the uncooperative magic carpet from the hands of the “Beast”, and to find their way back home. Unfortunately, if the best made plans can go astray, then the hastily made plans by a group of pre-teens stuck into fairy-tale personas is certainly going to.

The group is in for a roller-coaster ride involving a shoe museum, goblins, a sometime-dragon, wolves, treachery and deception, and having to deal with cleaning up the mess they left behind them after their first visit.

A book that is suitable for 8 – 13 years old.


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