A Better Place by Enid Meyer


The first book in this series, A Better Place, is centred around life in Greytown in 1865, the latest novel is set later, also in the town in 1875.

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This absorbing story is set in Greytown, in the Wairarapa, in the late 1860s.

Greytown, a Small Farms Settlement, was the first inland township in New Zealand, but its beginnings were very like those elsewhere.

A Better Place is a story about life in the township and on the area’s small farms. A young wife from Devon, named Kate, arrives in Wellington with two children to meet their husband and father, who had sailed fom England two years previously and taken up land in Greytown. After a hazardous journey over the ‘hill’ she faces life in a rough cottage with earthen floor.

She learns to milk cows, tend the gardn and make a home for her family. Life is hard, but thers are happy times too as settlers work together to ensure that they have, indeed, achieved ‘a better place’.


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