The Second Daisy by Pat Backley


The Second Daisy is a sequel to DAISY

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The first Daisy had a hard start in life. She was born in the slums of London in 1887, to a poor unmarried mother.

100 years later, we meet her namesake, The Second Daisy. Her life is much easier, but in many ways the two women are very similar — bright, sunny and loving.

The only difference is that The Second Daisy is Black.

The family history was rich and varied

Daisy recognized, by the tone of his voice, that her dad was about to lose it, to rant and rave about the unforgiveable effects that slavery had had on generations of people. His people.

Yards and yards of beautiful jewel-coloured silks.

The house itself was an architectural gem, with almost all the original features still in place.


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