A Tisket A Tasket by CB Landy (Nettie’s Knit Shop Book 2)


Nannette Sanderson seems to have a habit of finding the body, and this one was in a very public place, the duck pond in the centre of Thornbury.
It turns out this was no accident … Bert was murdered!

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Nettie, along with Nettie’s Knit Shop assistant manager Mags and trainee investigator Bob, find themselves in a privileged position as several stories of blackmail come out after Bert’s death.
But how does it all relate to rumours of affairs, the argument between Iris and Susie Q and Mel’s stolen bicycle?
After Dan’s unconscious body was found near The Hidden Woods Hotel, Inspector Dowling, in charge of the South Wairarapa investigation, finds the information gathered by Nettie, Mags and Bob helps with his inquiries.


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