Beara: Dark Legends by Brian O’Sullivan


A unique and authentic historical mystery from Ireland.

Nobody knows much about reclusive historian Muiris (Mos) O’Súilleabháin except that he doesn’t share his secrets freely.
Mos, however, has a “sixth sense for history, a unique talent for finding lost things”.

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Reluctantly lured from seclusion, Mos is hired to locate the final resting place of legendary Irish hero, Fionn mac Cumhal. Confronted by a thousand year old mystery, the distractions of a beguiling circus performer and a lethal antiquarian competitor, Mos must draw on his knowledge of Gaelic lore to defy his enemies and survive his own family history in Beara.

Beara: Dark Legends is the first in a trilogy of unforgettable Irish thrillers. Propulsive, atmospheric and darkly humorous, Dark Legends introduces an Irish hero like you’ve never seen before. Nothing you thought you knew about Ireland will ever be the same again.



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