Clearing of the Mist by Owen Clough (Whispers Book 3)

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Thirty years have passed since Sam, and his mates went through the mist to the year 1863. Thirty years ago Sam received his head wounds in the attack on Auckland. Since then Sam’s memory had not returned.

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Until a disastrous trip to Rhodesia with his wife, Bella changes his life once again. Returning to the UK slowly his memory clears. Out of the blue, he is summoned by Queen Victoria to meet a maori delegation from New Zealand.
At this encounter, his memory is jolted when he is reunited with old enemies and friends from his past. Before leaving the palace, he is further requested to attend an audience with the Prince Regent. The story that comes from this meeting will send dangerous consequences around the Empire.
Government agents don’t want him or his party to arrive at their destination, and Sam needs all his wits, including the help from his friends to keep everyone safe. His priority, find the cave and wait for the mist if it is still there. Then slip back to his own century and safety.

The last book in the Whispers trilogy. Book 1 Whispers of the Past, Book 2 Shadows of the Mind Book 3 Clearing of the mist, rounds up the trilogy.


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