Died with Flowers by CB Landy (Nettie’s Knit Shop Book 3)

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It should be the happiest day of her life, but without the blessing of her husband’s family, dark clouds loom on Raiana’s wedding day. Within a week, she is in a suspicious accident and suspected of murder.

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Her cousin, Mel, calls on Bob and Nettie for help to find the truth as Inspector Dowling arrives in the Wairarapa to investigate the alleged murder.
Mel is looking forward to the return of her fiancé, but Ashley seems to have other ideas in the arms of another.
Trying to investigate the mysteries that surround both Raiana and Mel; Bob struggles with his injury and finds he has his own challenges.
An inherited house seems to be key, as Bob and Nettie discover people willing to do anything to break in.
Does the house contain information that will solve the mysteries around Raiana and Mel?
Why is a notable local family desperate to save their reputation?

In the Netties Knit Shop Series:
Secrets of the Wool
A Tisket A Tasket
Died with Flowers
Seasonal stories:
Lost Angels – A short story – kindle only
Christmas at the Hog and Frog


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