Eye for an Eye by Bev Robitai

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If you saw a crook living a life of shameless luxury on money stolen from your father, wouldn’t you track him down to exact revenge? Robyn Taylor is not a woman you want to mess with. She might come from a quiet New Zealand backwater, but she can handle herself on the streets of Toronto. Until things turn really nasty.

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It’s a long way from her home on a quiet farm in New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds to the bustle of downtown Toronto, but Robyn Taylor is a fearless and practical woman who can turn her hand to anything, including some very inventive punishments when necessary.

When she discovers that Colwyn Symons has defrauded her family of thousands of dollars, leading to her father’s death, she has to take action. His enjoyment of the high-rolling lifestyle in the big city will come to an abrupt end if she can only get her hands on him.

Mike Kent, a Canadian insurance investigator, persuades Robyn to help gather evidence that will put an end to Colwyn’s continuing frauds, but both of them underestimate Colwyn’s cold-blooded greed. When she faces kidnapping and attempted murder, Robyn’s survival skills are severely tested.


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