If I Were a Carpenter by Cat Connor (The Byte Series: Delta A Book 1)


When Kurt finds himself in charge of two Delta teams, he discovers he’s staring down the barrel of impending chaos with a team that needs some serious training, and a serial killer with a fascination for derelict crumbling houses.
A fresh crime scene in a dilapidated house on the west coast splits Delta A in two as they scramble to figure out how a killer could be operating concurrently on both the east and west coast.

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Delta A is a unique FBI investigation team (from the _byte series) comprising of SSA Ellie Conway, SSA Kurt Henderson, SA Lee Davenport, and SA Sam Jackson.

Because the team are only ever seen through Ellie’s eyes we thought it would be fun to let each member of Delta A share a story of their own. This is a story for fans of The Byte Series which is published by Rebel ePublishers and written by Cat Connor.

If you haven’t read any of The Byte series: Killerbyte, Terrorbyte, Exacerbyte, Flashbyte, Soundbyte, Snakebyte, Databyte, Eraserbyte, or Psychobyte – then it’s suggested that you read at least one of the series books before reading this.

‘If I were a carpenter’ is a story told from SSA/Dr. Kurt Henderson’s point of view. (Formerly titled ‘Tangled up in Blue’)



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