A Moment’s Silence by Christopher Abbey


After reporting suspicious behaviour to Scotland Yard while on his OE to the United Kingdom, Martyn unwittingly identifies a serial killer who decides to seek revenge, and follows him back to New Zealand. Faced with the fear of being stalked by a killer, Martyn finds a unique way to survive.

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Stalking the Stalker

Set against a backdrop of actual events in 1995, Martyn Percival, a middle-aged New Zealander, seeks adventure on his first OE to the United Kingdom. A chance sighting, providing a possible link between an explosion that has rocked the nation and the whereabouts of a renegade IRA operative, has Martyn reporting his suspicions to an attractive police sergeant in the Cotswolds.

Scotland Yard becomes involved when the bomber is identified as a serial killer, who then embarks on a mission seeking revenge on the tourist who “shopped him”. Martyn’s burgeoning feelings for the sergeant have him agreeing to participate in a planned trap for his nemesis. When this backfires, Martyn returns to New Zealand. His stalker follows.

Faced with fear for his own survival, Martyn has no alternative but to turn the tables and stalk the stalker. Thus setting up a face-to-face finale in New Zealand’s North Island wintry landscape.

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