No Wind by Bruce Melrose (John Kelly Book 1)

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He’s a good middle distance runner with dreams of becoming a world-class athlete. But John Kelly spends his days as a downtrodden IT support guy – until he runs a brilliant 1500m time, and a whole new world beckons.

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From Barcelona to Stuttgart to Göteborg, Kelly races round Europe on the IAAF Grand Prix circuit, facing fierce rivalries on and off the running track. Now he must do all it takes to overcome those who stand between him and his goal: becoming the best 1500m runner on the planet.

1 review for No Wind by Bruce Melrose (John Kelly Book 1)

  1. Des Orange

    I couldn’t put this book down, it was extremely easy to read and on a subject I am very interested in, and the plot has some interesting twists along the way, totally plausible but you just don’t see them coming.
    The book has three main parts that are set out in three chapters that could very easily be three separate books. The day to day events of the characters as they moved from country to country, had everything to keep me interested. Drug doping and race fixing plus a murder. All this with marriage, a child and some voodoo thrown in.
    As the reader didn’t have to solve the mysteries and could relax into the story. It is a great insight into the everyday life, travelling through different countries, the different races and events that are held around the world, including the World Championships and the Olympics.

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