Private Lives by Geoff Palmer (Bluebelle Investigations Book 2)

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Bluebelle Investigations hits the ground running in this gripping sequel to the highly acclaimed Private Viewing.

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Jane Child’s first case: a missing cat. How did she get the boring one? Partner Matt Healy’s is far more interesting: someone’s counterfeiting top-notch coffees and threatening a Royal Appointment.

But sometimes less can be more. More complex, more frightening and much, much more dangerous.
Add in the biggest data breach in history, a couple of hired assassins desperate to cover it up, and you have all the elements of another page-turning Jane Child / Matt Healy thriller.

And Bluebelle has new cat door!

If you’re a fan of loveable characters, thrilling action, snappy dialogue, humour, suspense and a hint of romance, this full-length novel will satisfy fans all great mysteries and crime thrillers. If you love the books of Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn, you’ll love Private Lives.


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