Redemption Kills by L.W. Wedgwood

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Dane Larusio is a wealthy, well-respected business businessman in his thirties who’s hiding a terrible secret.

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Growing up in Genova, Italy, Dane was a delivery boy for an odious mob boss. He made good money. What eighteen-year-old could turn down good money? But then, because of Dane’s actions, his father ended up badly injured, and his uncle ended up dead.

A scared kid, Dane did what he had to do: he ran. He never looked back, but he knew something changed in him that day. No longer was he an innocent young man. The older Dane got, the less he feared-and the less he cared-until something finally snapped in him. Dane’s guilt turned into anger, and his anger became a need for bloody vengeance at any cost.

Obsessed with the idea of revenge, Dane plots to assassinate the Kingpins of the now global crime syndicate that corrupted his youth. His main target is a mysterious syndicate overlord known as Krait. Dane suspects Krait might see him coming, but no matter what, Dane is determined to get the job done. How could he guess that the mafia has ties to the Larusio family and that Dane’s own secret isn’t the worst in Genova?

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