This Son of Mine by Peter Durney


An adventure, a crime … and a gentle love story between a father and son

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A socially gauche detective falls in love with the widow of a murder victim. Her teenage son is angry, frustrated and single-minded, but he embraces the detective’s hobby of flying gyrocopters. His ingenuity leads him to modify and improve their design.

Then the body of his father’s killer is discovered in the Bristol Channel – possibly murdered. The boy had the motive, the means and the opportunity to commit the crime. The detective has his suspicions, but he must now decide whether to follow his professional instinct, or smudge the evidence to protect the lad.

This Son of Mine is a gentle love story, an adventure, a crime story. It subtly probes not only a boy’s need for a father, but a man’s need for a son. Such a relationship can have an enormous price.


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