A Taste of Blood by Janet Heads (The Loch Carron Series Book 6)


1326-1333. The MacDonald men and woman are still passionate about each other, but it is the fighting, that keeps them alive

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Scotland will win two battles but will lose one, with devastating results.
The men are gone and within days of having her fifth child Katherine is thrust into defending the castle. She truly becomes the Lady in charge, when it is once more, besieged by the Campbells, and the Earl of Ross. Lauranne’s, past comes to haunt her, causing a rift between her and Fergus.
A spy is in the castle, Gautier and Robert use modern methods to expose the person who must pay for the ultimate price for their betrayal but not before it is too late for an older man in the castle.
A lad named Kristin arrives to do his service. For years he has wanted to be a squire and knows he has to work hard to get his goal, however he falling in love but will a secret become an obstacle.
Back in Parie is always a place for love; between friends and enemies alike. Will these indiscretions be exposed? And the matching of their teenagers continues.


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