Beautifully Broken by E.R. Stowell

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After a complicated childhood and a traumatic past, Sarah Cook became the ultimate Good Girl.

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Her partner, the gentle and handsome Brian Marshall, has become her safe place; the stability she never received as a youth. When the sophistically rough Julian Cooper steps into her life, Bad Girl resurfaces. Endless work pressure, an eccentric mother, an eventful holiday, and a secret that could destroy her friend’s career; all send Sarah spiralling into renewed anxiety.
Soaked in Julian’s cloud of intoxication, Sarah’s darkest desires bubble to the surface like hot oil seeping through her life. Beside the lonely beauty of the New Zealand shoreline, Sarah’s about to find out how much life can change in a matter of weeks. For it isn’t just her body he’s awakened; it’s but the non-negotiable desire of her soul.

Reader discression is advised. Contains moderate graphic sexual content, and reference to sensitive themes.

Trigger warning. PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder),  child abuse, rape, bullying, anxiety, sexuality and infidelity.


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