Daughters of Rajasthan by David R. Taylor


Mistaken identity is the catalyst that drives the action of, Daughters of Rajasthan. An adventure romance set in the Indian desert of Rajasthan.

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Chance makes a plaything of us all. Two army officers rescue Helen, a young English woman lying unconscious beneath a tree. who resembles in every detail, Princess Parvati of Jalanpur. Three days later the princess is kidnapped by the treacherous ruler of a neighbouring state. Helen agrees to take Parvati’s place in the all important marriage ceremony, but now Helen has become the axis of a dangerous plot to retain the throne of Jalanpur for the rightful king and his future queen.

Spies in secret corridors, fantastic characterisation, two women searching for an identity, caught up in a deadly game of kings and queens and a final battle in the desert of Rajasthan to replace the rightful heir to the throne and a dynamic ending to this epic tale of adventure romance. Frankly a terrific read.


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