Gifted: A Fairytale Memoirs novella by M. Marinan


They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. They’ve never met Kajus.

Arranged marriages, desperate refugees, angry exes and the world’s ugliest fiancé… ‘Gifted’ is a highly original take on a classic fairy tale.

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Claire and her people have wandered for years, searching for a new home away from their drought-stricken origins. Just when they find what seems like the perfect location, there’s a catch. Someone’s already living there, and they don’t want to share…not without a price being paid.

The native Veest will allow Claire’s people to settle on the condition that one of their most beautiful girls marries the son of the Veest chieftain. Claire knows she’s not the most attractive (or even the third or fourth most attractive) but she is the only one willing. After all, it’s her father that’s being held hostage until they come up with a bride. And the fact that her betrothed Kajus is a shapeshifter? That can’t be so bad either, because surely he won’t be in animal form ALL the time.

Unfortunately, Claire is only half right. See, Kajus is considered unusual even among the Veest, and it’s for a reason that is very hard to overlook…

Although loosely connected to other Fairy tale Memoirs stories, this is a standalone novella.


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