Morgen Curse by Gillian St. Kevern (Deep Magic Book 2)


What do you do when your heart contradicts everything you know?

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Ieuan is a young morgen in a lot of trouble. The storm he sung up to soothe his broken heart attracted the attention of the Cursed One, an underwater sorcerer exiled from the morgen group for a terrible crime. The Cursed One wants Ieuan’s help to save a life —Zane, a sailor shipwrecked in Ieuan’s storm. Ieuan finds himself drawn into the Cursed One’s impossible task against his better judgment. But as his morgen kin mount a search for him, Ieuan’s help only leads his new friends into further danger.

Set in the same world as Deep Magic, Morgen Curse follows a different set of characters. Morgen Curse blends Welsh folklore and urban fantasy with the atmosphere of Gothic romance. The second book in an ongoing series, Morgen Curse is a gay romance with romantic elements, but no sex. HFN ending.


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