People of the Mist by Janet Heads (The Loch Carron Series Book 4)


1317-1320 The men are back in their own time again.

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Gautier and Robert are adapting, subtly introducing modern methods. Alexander is finding it hard and is missing someone. James, one of Duncan’s sons is now sixteen, and falls in love, but will the clan allow him to have his way. He and his brother Thomas, learns a lesson the hard way, and forces Duncan’s heart to be yet again torn between the love for his family, and the good of the clan.

Others are having problems with their wives, Gerald among them; will he turn to someone else for comfort? Katherine is making waves and upsetting the knights. Lachlan puts her in her place. Fergus is betrothed, but she no ordinary woman. Some MacDonalds insist to do their duty, which leads them into the arms of Neil Campbell, chief of the Campbells. MacDonalds try a daring rescue, which will have repercussions in years to come.

Several young members have to prove themselves in order for them to progress forward. This could lead to disastrous consequences and with the addition of six ladies-in-waiting’s; hormones begin to race in the MacDonald castle.

Four people arrive in the castle. Three are not who they are meant to be, and tug at the MacDonalds chief’s heart strings. Two MacDonalds will leave; one forever and, Gautier’s heart is broken once more.


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