Second Chances by Lynn Myers (The Isabella Beauchamp Trilogy 2)


In this intriguing and often startling continuation of the Isabella Beauchamp story, the heroine’s tendency “to offend the sensibilities of the imperious, the pompous, and the pietistic” are undiminished.   Miss Isabella Beauchamp discovers, to her great surprise, that she was wrong.

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Having realised her true feelings, her path to future happiness is blocked by a dramatic and unexpected turn of events.

The story explores the situation of women in the Regency period, not just the inhabitants of the era’s gilded cages, but also those on whose backs those cages rested.

Lynn Myers again paints a vivid picture of a tumultuous era and introduces a number of new characters, the actions of some of whom threaten the heroine’s future happiness and that of several others.
“I enjoyed Second Chances even more than Trials and Tribulations, which I loved. It has intriguing plot twists, drama, and adventure. As always, Lynn Myers’ clever use of language and attention to detail made the book a delight to read.”


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