Spin the Bottle by T.L. Osborn (Childhood Games Book 3)

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It all started with a game. Spin the Bottle is the third in the contemporary romance series by T.L Osborn.

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I spun the bottle and stole a kiss, and she stole my heart.

She had been my best friend and my first love. I thought it was forever–I was wrong.

Now she’s back.

I shouldn’t want her and I definitely shouldn’t love her. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her… and what could have been


He spun the bottle and stole my heart with that first kiss.

Forced to move away our love was over and I had to put the pieces back together.

Now, I’m back.

Old passions to reignite as I realise that I’ve never wanted anyone more than Toby.

Someone doesn’t want us together and will do anything to ruin our second chance.

Time to spin the bottle and play a dangerous game.

Will we win or lose in the game of love?

It only takes one spin…


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