Take Me Home by M. Marinan


A sci-fi survivalist adventure novel.

Demi has a problem.

She’s supposed to be on a team-building camping trip, where the worst dangers are failing to take down her tent properly, finding a spider in her sleeping bag, or being mocked for both of those.

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But somehow she’s lost the campsite completely. Now she’s in a barren wilderness, an inch away from plummeting to her death or being eaten by…whatever that monkey-parrot thing is.

And now there’s this crazy guy with a giant beard, dressed in garbage and telling her she’s no longer on Earth…

Liam also has a problem. It’s called Demi.

In the world of the Wilds, only the strongest survive, and the human population can be counted on one hand. He’s already searching for a missing friend, and the last thing he needs is a clueless city girl to babysit – no matter how pretty she is.

Not when each day is a struggle for survival in the ruins of an alien civilisation. Not when he can’t tell her the whole, terrible truth about their situation.

She wants to go home. He knows they can’t.
And someone else is watching them both…

‘Take Me Home’ is a fast-paced adventure about survival, spaceships, sleeping bags, and the weird stuff you’ll eat when you’ve got no other choice. (Cannibalism not included.)


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