The Girl Who Lived Twice by Tina Clough


A Romantic Thriller About Mia Who Slipped Through A Crack In Time

In the middle of the night Mia wakes to a terrifying experience. The following morning she realizes that her life has changed in ways she cannot explain. Gradually she has to accept that she has ‘slipped through a crack in the fabric of time’.

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Mia’s life had gone badly wrong after the loss of her husband and a betrayal that affects her career prospects and self respect.
In the middle of one night she experiences a frightening and life-changing event that sees her life rewound to the previous year. But can she manage the challenges and dangers of this new strand of time and change the way her life turns out?
When Mia slips through a crack in the fabric of time her life is not only rewound, but she also faces opportunities and challenges that stretch her resilience and inventiveness to a level she has never before experienced. She has to find her feet in a strange and confusing existence where she dares trust nobody.
All the rules she previously believe in seem to have changed. Mia realizes she now has a chance to improve the things that went badly wrong in her original life in another strand of time, but this involves risks of a kind she has never encountered before. Her knowledge to things that are yet to happen invite the attention of criminals who will stop at nothing to prevent her interfering in their plans.
The story follows Mia as she adjusts to a new reality and tries to work out how best to use it to improve her chances.


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