The Moniker by Cyan Tayse (Sweetwater Close Book 2)


“What’s in a name?”
A modern-day Rumpelstiltskin story…

When Melissa attended the Sweetwater Youth’s mid-year performance, she got more than she expected. A woman she’s fallen for, a daughter trying to find themself, and a war with the father of her child.

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Things have never been easy between her and Joe, but when he discovers she’s seeing a woman and their daughter becomes someone he doesn’t recognise, he takes matters into his own hands, threatening the life she’s fought so hard for.

But what Joe doesn’t count on, is that Melissa is no longer on her own. With Jane by her side, she will stop at nothing to ensure Vaughn has the life they choose. Even if it means unravelling the truth behind who Joe Balderson really is.


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