Winning Love’s Lottery by Zoe Piper (Kiwi Guys Book 1)


An average Kiwi guy, Jase MacKenzie wasn’t born rich, and winning the lottery at eighteen didn’t change the way he looked at the world. In fact, he never even told his family and friends he was a sudden millionaire.

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When Kyle Foster moves to Auckland to head a new business venture for his father, he’s wary of love. His past is full of heartache thanks to a gold-digging, cheating ex. All he wants to do is make his family proud and forget about love.

Only, working with Jase makes that impossible. Kyle is immediately drawn to Jase, but they need boundaries. Can Kyle learn to trust again and how will he react when he finds out Jase has secrets? About a million of them.

** Author note **
This book is set in New Zealand and uses NZ spelling and grammar, except in the case of the Texan that’s moved there.


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