A Glitch in Time by Peter Durney


A close encounter with the most mysterious prophet of all.

When a wealthy recluse invites some friends to visit, he sends his helicopter to transport them to his home. But his visitors are puzzled by the strange behaviour of the helicopter pilot.

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The man claims to have been one of a group of people who underwent a time travel experience. His claims gain credence when there appears to be an historical record of the episode — the time traveller, it seems, is the subject of Biblical prophet Ezekiel’s famous vision of ‘wheels within wheels’.

As the pilot’s story unfolds, it appears to explain other strange happenings revealed in the records of ancient Babylon. The wealthy recluse and his friends listen to the story but are left wondering: How did one of these time travellers return to the present to tell his story?

Eventually, the question is answered… in a dramatic and tragic way.

Amazon review from LED: 5 stars
This is my favourite of Peter Durney’s books. The plot is completely surprising. You think you may know the biblical stories but when you read how Peter Durney interprets them, you will need to read the original stories again. The characters are interesting and believable. The writing is stimulating. Fabulous book.


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