Lohland by Nōnen Títi


Thirteen-year-old Kaie does fine at school and takes on a lot of responsibility at home despite his parents’ fights and his brother and sister’s tantrums – until the school counsellor decides that he, too, has a personality disorder.

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When Kaie learns that his parents intend to move to Lohland, which lies hundreds of meters below sea level in a time when “global warming is real”, he decides to hate it.
He has to leave behind his comfortable home, his language and everything he knows.

But he doesn’t count on falling in love when he sees the engineering works and architecture designed to keep the Lohlanders safe from rising waters. Now he begins to see that global warming is not the end of the world and that there are plenty of things young people can get involved with to help. Suppose he could design the cities of the future?


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