Sunstrike by Bev Robitai


Averie, an ordinary woman in suburbia, finds her life turned upside down when solar flares destroy the world’s electricity supply. As society comes to terms with the loss of transport, communications, and food supplies, Averie picks up some useful survival tips and a teenage companion who is not what he seems. With no outside help, she is forced to investigate a number of suspicious deaths.

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When a massive solar storm sends a pulse of electro-magnetic energy towards the earth, the world’s electricity supply is destroyed. The damage is so widespread that repair could take decades. People everywhere struggle with the loss of technology, transport, communications, and the usual infrastructure for supplying food and water.

It’s a gentle apocalypse with no zombies, viruses or meteorites, but the effects are just as disruptive as a major natural disaster. In suburban Auckland, Averie finds the disaster shakes her out of her rut as she learns new skills to survive. After her previous uneventful life, still mourning the loss of her husband and missing her absent son, she finds the new challenge a welcome adventure as members of her neighbourhood rally to support each other against the fear of a cold and hungry winter. But the teenage waif she takes under her wing is not all he seems.

When Averie moves to a small rural community and elderly residents start to die, with no forensic science or law enforcement she is forced to investigate the deaths herself.


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