The Game by Lee Pletzers

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The Wanderer is a being older than time. During the big bang, a female that was asleep awakens and becomes ‘aware’. She wanders the Earth alone until she stumbles upon humans whom she liked at first. But the new breed of humans are smarter and smaller with myths and dreams and hate.

Reacting to their fear, The Wanderer is trapped in a cave as the ice ages approaches. She despises them. She makes a pact with her god for vengeance but he kills her instead. Without a body she can only exist between worlds – until she meets Phillip McKenzie, a game programmer. She is completely taken with him. Their only contact is through dreams at first and when he awakes, he never remembers her but he does remember the math she taught him and applies it to his games.

Years later in the release of his latest and most hyped game … The Wanderer returns. The game he has created has become her domain and she wants out. She wants to walk the Earth again. A couple of problems though – Phillip won’t help her and she is totally in love with the guy. But his family, that’s another story – they are nothing to her. And that is her ace in the hole.

Lisa misses her father. Her mother is a recovering junkie, and her little brother Timmy is the best thing in this world. A package and an unexpected email arrives for her from her father inviting her to play the game.

She is under aged but his copy can over ride that little problem. Her mother’s ex-dealer/lover/pimp arrives at dinner and this time he wants more than her mother he wants her also.

To escape his wandering eyes and advances, Lisa takes Timmy to her room and let’s him play his favourite game. When he turns on the monitor machine code streams from the computor, covers every inch of his body and pulls him into the game world.

To get him back – to save her brother’s life – Lisa must play.

Let the game begin.


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