A Foreign Country edited by Anna Caro and Juliet Bucanan


A Foreign Country brings together the work of established authors and fresh voices to showcase the range of stories produced by New Zealand’s growing community of speculative fiction writers.

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New Zealand Speculative Fiction.

Strange creatures are loose in Miramar, desperate survivors cling to the remains of a submerged country, humanity’s descendants seek to regain what they’ve lost, and the residents of Gisborne reluctantly serve alien masters. The visions of New Zealand – and beyond – painted in this collection of short stories are both instantly recognisable, and nothing like the place we know.

Humorous, disturbing, intriguing, cautionary, and ultimately hopeful, these tales tell of worlds where the boundaries between human and animal are blurred, babies are not what they seem, desperate measures are in place to ward off disaster, and flying standby can be a big mistake.

Winner of the Sir Julius Vogel award for Best Collected Work 2011.

The anthology includes stories by:

Philip Armstrong
Richard Barnes
Claire Brunette
Anna Caro
Matt Cowens
Bill Direen
Dale Elvy
J.C. Hart
Paul Haines
Miriam Hurst
Tim Jones
Susan Kornfeld
Juliet Marillier
Lee Murray
James Norcliffe
Ripley Patton
Simon Petrie
Brian Priestley
Marama Salsano
Lee Sentes
Janine Sowerby
Douglas A. Van Belle


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