Cor Blimey Mate by Marion Day


A book of action stories and poems, Cor Blimey, Mate will thrill the hearts of young and old, with tales about experienced and not so experienced hunters, their dogs, wild pigs, helicopters and guns.

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Many of the 18 short stories are based on true happenings and are told in the language of the hunter, reflecting the hunter’s life and beliefs and demonstrating the loyalty and love they have for their dogs.

I’d been waiting a long, long time for this hunt. Been harassing my old man, begging him to take me, and all I ever got was, ‘You’re too young. You’ll be a nuisance. Maybe next year.’ I even resorted to showing him some underarm fuzzy bits of hair to prove how ready I really was.
‘That’s bum fluff, boy,’ he’d said, throwing his head up like one of those ugly laughing hyenas.
‘Cor, Dad. Cor blimey. When can I go then? Please?’ I asked straight back, determined.

Extract from Cor Blimey.

Action Stories for Young Hunters 9 – 11 yrs


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