Bad Blood by Pat Whitaker


A serial killer is loose in Manchester masquerading as a vampire, and a forensic psychologist is tasked with creating a profile to help catch them, with unexpected results.

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Katherine went looking for a serial killer. What she found was both the end and the beginning of her life, and a reality that spanned both. A rich, agile plot, succinctly told. Set among past truths and present myths, the questions posed will engage the mind well beyond the last page.

“Katherine was sitting at her kitchen table, chin in her hands, staring at a pile of books in front of her, when the phone rang. It was Paul. There had been another killing. He gave her the address and she grabbed her keys off the sideboard and went out.

Ten minutes later she arrived at June Tyler’s apartment, now cordoned off and, after showing her credentials, went in. In the kitchen, the pathologist was examining a body, laid out as before on the kitchen table. She looked around the room. Detectives were busy minutely examining the scene.

Paul approached her and commented that although the inspection was far from complete, it initially appeared that every detail was exactly the same as the previous three murders. Katherine asked about the time of death and Paul replied that, subject to a post mortem, the pathologist thought around eight —eight thirty the previous evening.

The pathologist looked up from his work and said that in all these murders the time of death was somewhat suspect. When questioned by the Inspector, he explained that the techniques used to determine time of death are moderated by many different factors. Unfortunately, there was no reliable information on how draining the blood from a body prior to death would affect the onset of rigor mortis, as in his experience it was pretty much unique, so they would be unwise to narrow the window of opportunity too much.

Katherine turned to Paul and asked, “Where are her clothes?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, her bed is undisturbed, and it is not likely that she had undressed and put her clothes away, although possible. I think it’s much more likely that they have been removed by the killer, probably after she was drugged. Did he carefully put them away or did he take them with him—or her of course. In either case, why?”

Paul frowned, but said nothing.”


“An easy to read and intriguing story with many twists and turns leading to an unexpected ending. I’m looking forward to the next one…”

“… thoroughly enjoyed the sense of immediacy created. Especially enjoyed the treatment that made a generally taboo topic not only plausible but almost probable.”

“… reads like a bicycle on a gentle downhill run… quick and easy. The fast pace gives the classic English crime genre a fresh, modern, no nonsense edge. I look forward to more of his work.”


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