Black and Mist by Thomas J. Radford (The Free Lanes Book 2)

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The badly damaged Tantamount docked at Port Border, seeking repairs, new crew members, and work. First Officer Nel Vaughn tries to drown her memories of the disastrous battle with the Guild in dingy taverns.

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But there’s little time for remorse and healing. Port Border is overrun with Alliance soldiers and their mysterious cargo, the Draugr. Soon, Violet, the kitsune cabin girl, discovers an old enemy hidden in the dusty port town.

Dodging their old foes, the Tantamount leaves Port Border with a replenished crew and a full cargo hold. But their lucky escape is plagued with troubling injuries of the crew and sightings of a strange ship, and Nel is forced to wonder: is she harbouring a traitor on board the Tantamount?


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