Blood Curry by John Irvine


A collection of recipes, poems and short stories in the speculative genre.

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John had been in a number of writer’s groups since around 2000, had submitted to many anthologies and magazines dedicated to the horror genre. With moderate success, but one day after a number of red wines John felt driven to produce a collection of just his own work. John states: “Let me say that I really enjoy writing horror and its derivatives, as one can be or do anything the imagination comes up with and suffer no jail time. Be a murderer, an alien, a worm, even a politician doing dastardly things with no fear of retribution. Horror is fun.” John began to collect writings from past years, so far unpublished, and wrote a lot of new ones. I had also decided to have the book illustrated and a number of arty friends around the globe helped out. Then he had an epiphany… why not include recipes? Genuine ones. People thought he was crazy, but he sourced dozens of recipes that did fit the genre, all of which had one ingredient in common… that’s right, blood!

Black and white illustrations.


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