Breaking the Glass Slipper by M. Marinan


Valentina hates fairy tales.

Can a gorgeous, flawed black widow ever have her own happily ever after?

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Happily ever after? As a twenty-one-year-old widow with a head injury that steals her memories, she knows that life is never that easy. But now she’s got a chance to start over with wealthy hotel owner Kingsley White. He’s kind, handsome and yes, quite a bit older, but she can handle that. After all, he comes with the fabulous White Hotel, crowning jewel of the luxurious, fantasy-themed Sweetheart Island resort. It’s so modern that half the staff are androids and the other half are actors, and it seems to be the perfect place for her to start afresh.

But then Kingsley turns out to have a grown daughter, Snow. And Snow really, really doesn’t want a stepmother barely older than herself, and the dislike is mutual. Valentina’s new life seems to be falling apart when it’s barely begun…

Enter a too-familiar stranger in fantasy costume, as well as a troupe of dangerous oddballs conducting an underhanded treasure hunt. Add in mysterious troubles during her memory blanks, and then real disaster strikes. Valentina’s about to discover Sweetheart Island’s secrets – as well as a few of her own.

Breaking the Glass Slipper is a standalone, futuristic twist on the fairy tale genre. If life’s a fairy tale, then she’s definitely not the heroine…


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