Burn by J.C. Hart

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A Mothers devotion and love for her deceased son sees her keeping her promise to take his body home. Gathering her offspring, they make the trek which requires both physical and emotional strength to survive.

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No parent should outlive their children. But what if you do? What if your son’s dying wish is to be burnt in the manner of his people — a people he was taken from as a child?
Carmel must gather her orphaned grandson and her son’s corpse, and ease her aching bones into the long walk that takes her where she needs to be. The footsteps of the past nag at her heels as she journeys to once again look upon the face of the Goddess.

1 review for Burn by J.C. Hart

  1. Stacey Broadbent

    This is the first book of J.C. Hart that I’ve read, and I absolutely adored it.

    Carmel must embark on a journey back to the place she called home before it was taken from her in a terrible fire. Her son, Landon’s dying wish is to be burnt upon the mountain of the Goddess, Serafina, as is customary with their people. With her grandson strapped to her front, Carmel drags her son’s corpse across the land on a journey that takes her where she needs to be.

    Beautifully descriptive, wonderful world building. I was able to see a clear picture in my mind of this land she created. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author!

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