Desert of Fire by M. Marinan (Across Time & Space Book 3)


Thousands of gateways, with instant access to the whole of history. What could possibly go wrong?

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With the discovery of the remnant gateways through time it finally seems like Ash and George can have it all – adventure, romance, and a steady paycheck. It seems to be working…until it isn’t anymore. And then Ash finds a mysterious new gateway in the middle of an old Lunden street…

Meanwhile on the Mountain of Glass, Anne is chasing her dreams. She wants immortality, a permanent home for herself and her sister, and to finally find out what secrets Jon has been hiding. Her goals seem very close: just a single gateway away…

In a quiet corner of Europa, in the very distant future, Coryn of the Chosen is accustomed to danger. After all, that’s what you get when you choose to live on the border of the inhospitable but power-filled Other realm. But then fire is found beneath the ice of the Other, and all Hades breaks loose.

Virtual reality meets alter-power meets some very determined immortals. Throw in time travel, and things are about to get messy…


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