Desert of Ice by M. Marinan (Across Time & Space Book 4)


Ash likes a challenge. It looks like she’s got one…

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So she’s accidentally travelled to the massive, futuristic city of Lile, 2598 AD. But now she’s been given cryptic instructions to ‘find the blue-eared girl’, she’s going to give it her best shot. If only George would answer his phone and come join her…

Back in Lunden, 1819 AD, George is a little tied up, and severely displeased with his brother and sister-in-law. Sure, he’s mentioned time travel once or twice. But is the insane asylum really necessary? Then Anne shows up in his cell with a strange weapon in her hand and a cheeky look in her eye. She also has directions for his next steps…but where has she been?

Not far from where Ash is beginning her search, Coryn is rebuilding her life after losing almost everything that matters to her. All she has left is a bag full of junk, as well as instructions to find a desperately powerful supernatural item before the wicked Creatures can do so. But then she runs into an old enemy who’s more than what they seem.

Paths are about to cross in a desperate race to save a nation that doesn’t even know it’s in danger…


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