The LifeBoat by Keith Fenwick (Book 3 of the Skidian Chronicles)


In this, the third of the series, we are introduced to the ultimate puppet masters, the Transcendants, as the Lifeboat goes further to explaining our world history and our parallel off-world history. If you’ve ever worked in large organisations, or with systems and processes, you will enjoy the pragmatism and insights of the anti-hero Bruce.

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A huge asteroid is on a collision course with earth. Bruce Harwood, a farmer from New Zealand is on his way to his wedding reception when he learns this news. Bruce is still processing this information when he is stopped at a checkpoint setup by a secret government agency. The agents are attempting to contact an alien who they believe can help them destroy the asteroid before it strikes the planet and destroys life as we know it.

It soon transpires Bruce isn’t just any farmer and the alien in the car with him isn’t really an alien at all. Furthermore, the asteroid has been sent on its way by the Skidian first people who have uploaded themselves to a celestial version of the cloud and now define themselves as Transcendents. These Transcendents have a plan for earth which does not include a catastrophic asteroid strike that will potentially end all life on planet earth.


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