Of a Note in a Cosmic Song – Part Four: Treyak by Nōnen Títi

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The new colonists decide they need to start afresh and an expedition leaves for the other side of the continent in search of a good place to start a second settlement.

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Searching for a new beginning, Kunag, Maike and Nini join an exhibition bound for the other side of the continent, hoping to find a good place for a second settlement.

On the way they are enchanted by the diversity of Kun DJar’s flora and fauna, much of which seems to have a mind of its own.

Meanwhile, Wilam, Aryan and Jema struggle with their relationships in town, while Benjamar must deal with law and order.

The colonists are slowly learning to accept that they are alien guests on this planet and that they had best behave as such if they want to survive. The new challenge – the treyak: To be accepted by Kun DJar herself.


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